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Chef DAT, Dallas' Underground Dining King, Will Open Twenty-Seven in Deep Ellum

After five years of marauding around Dallas and hosting some of the city's best underground dinners, Chef David Anthony Temple is finally getting a permanent home. David Anthony Temple, known to his loyal diners as Chef DAT, will soon begin showcasing his Louisiana-influenced cusine at Twenty-Seven, a new fine-dining concept scheduled to open this month in Deep Ellum.

According to SideDish, Temple's new establishment will offer two seatings each night, one for a three-course prix-fixe dinner, another for a six-course chef's tasting menu.

Interestingly, diners will need to decide on their prix-fixe menu -- choices include Field, Land, and Sea -- when they make their reservation. This requirement is somewhat new to Dallas diners, and may introduce interesting challenges for Temple. At present, you can still wander into most of the city's best restaurants and order what you like a la carte.

When we spoke with Temple in April of last year, Twenty-Seven didn't seem to be in his immediate future. At the time, he was working on a casual po-boy shop called Geaux. Planned for Lakewood, Geaux would address the city's lack of Cajun restaurants where diners can find a decent po-boy sandwich. Now that concept seems to have fallen by the wayside as he works on introducing his brand of fine cuisine to Dallas.

Twenty-Seven's flashy website, complete with video of Chef DAT plating shrimp and torching a pasta dish, indicates that the menu for the restaurant will change daily and focus on local, seasonal ingredients. With any luck, diners will still be able to have the tuna poke and black garlic ice cream that helped Temple carve out his unique niche in Dallas' dining scene.

The restaurant will open in the space that Temple had been hosting his underground dinners in, at 2901 Elm St. The dining room and kitchen in this building, once a prep kitchen for a personal chef, will help maintain the intimate vibe of DAT's underground dinners. Temple has shown that he is comfortable in this environment, which could inspire some pretty incredible cuisine now that he's able to focus on executing dishes for daily service.

SideDish reports that Twenty-Seven will host a limited reservation soft-opening on January 29 before serving dinner Thursday through Sunday each week. Notably, the restaurant will not be able to serve liquor until at least February 9. Still, that shouldn't stop you from seeing what the brash and bold Chef DAT has planned for his first-ever restaurant that actually stays in one place.

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Amy McCarthy