Chef Erron Star Depew, Diplomat in the War Between the Sexes

In parts one and two of this week's Three Course Meal, we gave you a look at Erron Star Depew, executive chef at the hip new TopGolf in Allen, and her thoughts on the national food scene and the Dallas dining scene. Today we give you the five rules of Depew's, kitchen no matter what your handicap is.

What are your top five rules of the kitchen? 1. Dishwashers are GODS. 2. We are family. 3. Line cooks are the rock stars of the show. 4. No rap. 5. Work hard. Play hard.

What are your top five favorite cookbooks? Bouchon (anything by chef Thomas Keller), James Beard's American Cookery.

Top five reasons men make better chefs. No comment. (I'm married to one.)

Top five reasons women make better chefs. No comment. (Ask my husband.)

Five reasons why you should be nice to your server. Free cigarettes. (Not sure, but we think she means she gets the free smokes from her servers. At least no server has ever given us five free cigs.)

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