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Chef Kelly Dennis: Regrets, She's Had a Few, Friends, A Reason to Cook

On Wednesday, we gave you the goods on Kelly Dennis, executive chef at Bliss Café and Elixir Bar. Today, we asked Dennis to finish a few sentences for us. Later today, she shares one of her sweet recipes. (Note: Dennis' words are after the ellipses.)

My friends say I'm... a rare type of person. Don't know if that's good or bad. (She laughs.)

My momma told me... nice girls don't walk in alleys.

If I had 24 hours to live I'd...probably want to be with my friends and family outside in the mountains camping. Nothing extravagant. Just cooking out.

My guilty pleasure is...Marmite. It's a yeast extract and it's really good on an English muffin with Tahini. It smells really bad. (She laughs.) It tastes salty and strong.

I cook therefore...I get to eat with my friends and the people I share my food with.

If I could be anywhere, I'd Europe. I just came back from Istanbul. It's my favorite city.

Never again will I...Well, I try not to regret things but I will never again stay in any place where I'm not really happy. I guess I had a quarter life crisis and decided not to do that anymore. I've spent too much time wishing I was somewhere else.

Cat or

The CD I couldn't do without is...Rilo Kiley, "The Execution of All Things." I've gone through like three copies of it. I can't do without it.

My favorite form of exercise is...I like walking. I used to run a lot. But I kind of hated that after awhile.

I try to be gentle to the earth by... using natural products in my home and on my skin, the clothes I wear and the make-up I wear and the stuff I use to clean my house. But I'm not obsessive about it. For skin care, I use Earth Science cleanser and Lush moisturizer.

My favorite charity is...Oxfam. I got involved with them when I was in Oxford.

I relax by...hanging out with my friends. I like to be with one or two friends knitting or baking or drinking tea.

If it weren't for cooking, I would...want to be an artist. I've always wanted to be an artist. Food is art but it doesn't last long. So you have nothing to show for it after you eat it.

Food should delicious and beautiful.

And food should boring or bland. You should never eat something that you're not really excited about eating even if it's healthy.

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