Chef Tell: Morgan Wilson is Officially in the Final Three

I just have to come clean here: For the last few weeks, when it comes to Top Chef Just Desserts, I am officially bored with pretty much anything that doesn't have to do with a special guest I already adore or Morgan Wilson. It has nothing to do with Wilson being from Dallas, either. I'm not that sort of reality TV watcher. It's just that he's a damn good competitor -- perfect proportions of cocky, asshole, weepy dude and sound bite king. Plus, he's legitimately talented.

The other contestants have all been relatively...just OK. They're either irritating or pleasant enough, but in the long run, they've all canceled each other out episode after episode. It's only their reactions to Morgan and his interactions with them that have kept the other chefs interesting.

Last night, we finally were rid of the flamboyant "disco dust" (if I hear that phrase again I'll gag, and yet, I'm frightened that I've already heard it so much I might accidentally use it one day) obsessed Zac after he made (what he admitted was) a Cake Wreck for THE queen o' cakes  Sylvia Weinstock's 61st wedding anniversary. He made what was possibly the ugliest blue, popcorned, latticed piece of shit I've ever seen from a "professional" pastry chef...and yes, there was glitter on it.

Morgan, however, used the feedback he got from Weinstock on the third episode when she was a guest judge (and not a client) and held back. He delivered a classy, elegant cake that showcased restraint and unfortunately, dry cake inside.

But he did win $15,000 (from the soap people who renew hands) in the Quickfire wherein the chefs had to make a box of four chocolates all representing emotional milestones in their lives. He got choked up when he described his time in culinary school, bittersweet failed marriage, birth of his son and experience on the show. The other chefs were choking on their own disdain for Morgan. It seems he continues to be rude, crude and socially unacceptable unless presenting a dish, and they were hating it the personality shift.

His former boss Francois Payard awarded him the QuickWin, and he stoically accepted it. His reaction -- or lack thereof -- later earned him a diss at Judges Panel from Zac. But Morgan just explained that rather than jump up and down, squeal** and rub it in everyone's faces all the times he's won; he'd rather just remain composed and professional. Makes sense. But I don't know that I believe it's all for the benefit of the other players, or more to play a little ego head-game with them. He's got that in him.

Then again, Zac had enough ego to go around. Even after saying that he wasn't surprised he was being kicked off for his "caketastrophe," he still had to rant on Morganza: "I'm surprised that the judges didn't bring up how rubbery Morgan's cake was, though." Stay classy, Zac.

Next week: The final showdown between Morgan, Danielle and Yigit.

**FYI, when Danielle won the Elimination Challenge. It was her first win. She jumped up and down and squealed.

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