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Chelsea Welch Shamed a Pastor, Now She Needs a Job

This story from The Smoking Gun is too good not to share. To keep it quick, a St. Louis pastor patronized Applebees and took issue with a mandated 18 percent tip for parties of eight or more. Alois Bell says she left a cash tip at the table, but it's the note she left on her receipt that's got the attention of the entire Internets.

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"I give God 10% why should you get 18?" she wrote, scratching out the mandated tip. She replaced it with a goose egg.

Her server showed the note to other servers, one of which grabbed a picture with her phone and sent it to Reddit, and the rest is history -- including that server's employment. Applebees terminated Chelsea Welch for violating the patron's right to privacy, and Pastor Bell is left ashamed by her "lapse in judgment that has been blown out of proportion."

I told you guys we should just get rid of tipping altogether.

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