Chewing the Fat: CDC Says Shake the Salt

Those fun-loving sorts over at the CDC have one more thing you need to stop eating. A report released last month advises Americans to--surprise!--consume less salt.

Americans eat 3,436mg of salt daily, compared to the CDC's recommendation of 2300mg.

In response, Divine Caroline brings some timely information to the table (pun not intended...and probably not welcome). Namely, that it's tougher to avoid salty foods than you might think. The post provides a small list of foods, obtained from Consumer Reports, that most people wouldn't expect to contain salt. What's more, in some cases their sodium content is pretty high: Four strands of Twizzlers have 150-200mg. That's about a sixth of your daily allowance.

The city of New York isn't taking any chances. Commissioner of the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (yep, mental hygiene), Dr. Thomas Frieden, already proposed gradual cutbacks in sodium to a group of food industry representatives. This guy previously made headlines when he pushed for a ban on cooking with transfats in restaurants. According to the Times article, he doesn't want to go after chefs and bakers. He thinks the change needs to come from food processing companies.

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Daniel Daugherty
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