Chewing the Fat: Don't Drink The Yellow Soda

We're not sure if this belongs under food news or stupid criminals, but someone took a drink of something, so I'm gonna run with it.

Props to Busted Coverage for directing us to this story that gives a whole new appreciation for the Yellow 5 in Mountain Dew. Two high school students from Hartford, Wisconsin, are accused of pouring urine in soda bottles during a basketball game...then emailed a bunch of friends to share in guffaws over their unwitting victims. Inevitably, school administrators latched onto the messages, leaving us to ponder the old "the dumber you are, the louder you proclaim it" maxim.

Maybe they can argue the stunt was part of some market research project. Following the announcement of a cow-urine beverage to be produced in India, perhaps they wanted to establish some brand loyalty to stay ahead of foreign competition.

We just want to know the brand name.

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Daniel Daugherty
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