Chewing the Fat: Plastic People

The state of some food these days is enough to make a man go hungry rather than risk consuming the contents of many processed and pre-packaged items. If it's not salmonella-tainted peanuts, it's energy drinks that turn your blood into syrup.

Health Canada recently found that 96 percent of sodas on the market contain bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical agent commonly found in plastics that is coming under increasing scrutiny. A growing body of data suggests that it may cause heart disease, diabetes and stunted growth.

Predictably, though, the Chicago Tribune says the FDA relies on industry-provided data and has taken the stance that the chemical is safe for consumption. Whether or not the chemical is actually safe in small doses, some state and local authorities aren't taking any chances. Living the Science reports that Suffolk County (Long Island ) officials are pushing for a ban on the substance in baby bottles. Meanwhile, the Hartford Courant said today that six baby-bottle manufacturers have agreed to leave it out in response to pressure from attorneys general in Connecticut, Delaware and New Jersey. Canada banned BPA in baby products last year, with recent research supporting the decision.

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