Chewing The Fat: Pour Technology

It's St. Patrick's Day...or soon will be, anyway. Or, wait--we just had it on Saturday, right? So by now you've read a dozen stories about the mythologized "perfect pour" of Guinness . To hear someone going on about it at the bar sounds anal retentive at best (and pretentious at worst). This article, however, explains that the flavor of your near pint will suffer without it, a crime perhaps worse than anal retentiveness.

Looking for ways to replace the plastic widget in their canned brew, Guinness decided to go high tech with the Guinness Surger, which we would show you if the web page didn't take far too long to respond. Just know it's a small electrified plate where you set the pint. The device then emits ultra-sonic charges that cause the nitrogen trapped in the beer to escape, creating a "perfect pour" and eliminating the metallic taste that results from improper preparation.

Yeah, it's easier to stick with the widget cans. Or fly to Ireland for the real stuff.

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