Chewing the Fat: TCC Presents Valentine's Show & Smell

Jerry Seinfeld once joked that strip clubs are like restaurants where they let you smell the food, then take it away before you can try a bite. So what would he make of the Turtle Creek Chorale and its Valentine's Day presentation, "Music Be the Food of Love"?

This Saturday and Sunday, the TCC invites you to sit down and smell what Chef Stephan Pyles is cooking. He'll be onstage as you listen to the all-male chorus sing a selection of love songs. Unlike a strip club (or maybe like a particularly outrageous one), some lucky individuals will be invited onstage to sample the cuisine as the rest of the audience looks on in envy.

Artistic Director Jonathan Palant, asks in a press statement, "Is there anything more romantic than combining the finest foods with the finest music?" Um, how about actually eating the finest foods?

Oh, as we understand it there are ticket packages that include a full meal, but the emphasis on aroma and cooking as performance is truly fascinating.

Chef Pyles will be joined on stage by actor Paul J. Williams playing the part of a snooty French Maitre D'. The Observer has previously lauded his knack for "...locating the absurdity in every convention." Nothing conventional about this evening.

Unless your ideal Valentine's Day includes longing and deprivation.

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Daniel Daugherty
Contact: Daniel Daugherty