Chewing The Fat: Wednesday Ground 'Round

Just in time for April Fool's Day: Ponzi gardens, Beano for cows and breast enhancement in a bottle. But it may be all very real...

  • Looking for a good excuse to jump head-first into gardening? Sarah Gilbert at Wallet Pop challenged herself and readers to start a garden for $25. It's based on these encouraging numbers, figured out by Kitchen Gardeners International. Even Bernie Madoff couldn't promise that kind of return on that kind of investment.
  • By now you've probably heard somewhere that methane in cow farts contributes to global warming. It looks like the problem might be solved with the simple addition of Omega 3 to their diets.

Grossest Second Grossest: Coolpis kimchi drink

Grossest: Placenta 400000

Heart Attack in a Bottle: NEEDS Cheese drink

Too Good to be True: Okkikunare, the breast-enhancing drink

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