Chewing the Fat: Wednesday Ground 'Round

  • If you're like me - broke and shameless - Jason Roestel at the Examiner has some tips you might find handy the next time you head to the cinema. I can personally verify that most of his tricks are both effective and ridiculously common-sensical. For the ballsier boozehounds among us, he details an advanced method involving a beer growler at the end.
  • A woman in El Paso claims to have found a mouse in her Chinese food. (I highly recommend the video.) This isn't even the most upsetting part of the story. We in Texas should probably be more concerned that Lin's Buffet failed six previous random health inspections but remained open for business.
  • ... Of course, some people like cookin' with critters. Lee Hill Kavanaugh has a story about a dedicated subculture of people willing to buy raccoon meat from strangers in a parking lot.

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