Chewing The Fat: Wednesday Ground 'Round

It's Wednesday again--and that means it is time for leftovers from the world of food news.

  • Because nothing says "public safety" like drunks with hidden guns, the Tennessee State House just passed a bill allowing concealed weapons in establishments serving alcohol. The bill still needs to clear the Senate before it becomes official, but...what the hell. It will probably stall on the definition of "loaded," anyway.
  • Every now and then, something happens to make you proud of where you live. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is allowing an Amarillo Pizza Hut franchise to go ahead (cautiously) with its plans to deliver beer. Or so says Gary E. Sattler at Wallet Pop, who also points out the service could cut down on drunken late-night dashes for pizza and more beer.
  • Reason #487 why men don't trust women: You meet a cute girl at the bar, flirting ensues. She complains about waiting for the bartender so you buy her a drink, then another one, then she disappears to the bathroom, never to return. Turns out you just got played for a couple free shots. Can't believe that's #487...

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