Chewing The Fat: Wednesday Ground 'Round

It's hump day again, and that means random links from the world of food news.

  • Who keeps funding these studies? In the latest academic issuance of common sense, a joint effort of researchers from National Taiwan University and the University of Arkansas, says junk food makes kids happy. One might expect future studies from this tandem to look at the relationship between alcohol and ill-advised late-night phone calls
  • The Consumerist has a video of Domino's Pizza employees entertaining themselves on the job. Interestingly, Consumerist readers managed to track down the store location and alert the corporate office. Needless to say, they were not amused.
  • As if the Domino's thing wasn't bad enough: An unemployed Algerian chemist was caught spraying his own urine and fecal matter onto food and drinks in a Cheltenham, UK, pub. Eaters might have been slow to notice, thinking it was just table-to-table Marmite service.

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Daniel Daugherty
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