Chewing The Fat: Wednesday Ground 'Round

Here are some of the leftover bits from the past few days.

  • Officials in Marin County, Calif., are considering the potential benefits of turning food waste into an energy source. The city already does something similar with sewage, but adding food apparently assists the process, according to Stephanie Lovette, San Rafael's economic development coordinator: "Basically, when you introduce food waste (to the methane digester), the poop pops better."  Uh...yeah.

  • The LA Times blog has a post up talking about the new trend in Kosher foods. Apparently they are growing in popularity amongst the gentile crowd, thanks to supposed health benefits. Interestingly, the list of Kosher foods includes Coca Cola, Dr Pepper and Act II microwavable popcorn, and even Doritos (provided they're made in Israel). That's eatin' healthy, alright. Maybe we can all feel a little less guilty about our Super Bowl gluttony.

  • And speaking of equating food with guilt, those misguided but well meaning old white guys over at the Hoover Institution have actually got an intellectually stimulating essay that asks the question, "Is food the new sex?" Let's see...three times a day, with snacks in between...Perhaps the answer is no.

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Daniel Daugherty
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