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Chino Chinatown Set To Open On Monday, December 30

Have you been to Trinity Groves lately? It's pretty amazing how many restaurants have opened in just a short period of time. Most of the newest restaurants are all lined up in the building north of Singleton Avenue, and each has a neon sign glowing above the front door. It's colorful, to say the least, as soon as the sun goes down.

Chino Chinatown, will be newest sign to illuminate Phil Romano's restaurant incubator. It's slated to open Monday, December 30, and some of the menu items look appealing.

The name is loosely pulled from the term "barrio chinos," the Chinatowns of South America, and chef Uno Immanivong used the moniker to help shape the Latin­-Asian menu. Get ready for steamed buns filled with cochinita pibil, fried rice prepared lovingly in duck fat and spring rolls, too. The snacks sound delicious, and will be there to help you cope as you throw back shots of tequila. If you can't handle straight anejo, know that drinks designed by Jason Kosmos will be served at the bar.

Other dishes meander into weird territory, like lobster meat you chase with a shot of Thai curry, and phozole, which is a miss-mash of the Vietnamese and Mexican soups. Almost anything could work, though, with the right execution. And so far Chino is looking like one of the more interesting restaurants in Trinity Groves so far.

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