Chipotle Introduces Premium Margaritas -- With a Piñata

It's hard not to notice when you get to the office and there's a pink piñata in the shape of a pig sitting on your desk. The massive piece of swag was dropped off to announce Chipotle's new margaritas featuring Patrón tequila.

Margaritas are nothing new at Chipotle -- they've been serving up the cocktails since the restaurant first opened in 1993 -- but the drinks were made with a prepackaged mix of dubious quality. The new margaritas will feature fresh squeezed lime juice and will be prepared to order.

At $6.50 to $8 (depending on location) the drinks are pretty fairly priced considered they're made with pedigreed booze to order, and they'll be available at Chipotles everywhere by the end of the month.

As for the piñata, I'm still trying to figure out what I should do with the thing. Chipotle sent me a big long stick for piñata whacking but I can't help to wonder if there's a much more creative way for the oinker to meet his demise.

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