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Chipotle Serves Up a Mean Impromptu Quesadilla

Here at City of Ate we heard murmurs that, despite not having it on their menu, Chipotle can actually whip up a pretty darn good quesadilla, and we had to see and taste it for ourselves.

We awkwardly asked for a quesadilla, and the staff happily obliged. The woman behind the counter responded with a "Sure!" and gave us two size options, the small flour tortilla used for soft shell tacos, and the standard larger tortilla, used for their burritos. We went with the large. She then loaded up the tortilla with Jack and white cheddar cheese, folded it in half and clamped it between a warming press. The process took a bit longer than ordering a normal burrito, what with the folding and loading and clamping and waiting for the cheese to melt, so if ordering an off-the-menu quesadilla at Chipotle, beware of antsy burrito-eaters at the back of the line.

After the toasted, gooey and cheesy tortilla was removed from the press, we were free to fill it up with toppings. The possibilities were virtually endless, and while grilled chicken and steak, or barbacoa would have been scrumptious, we lunged at the braised carnitas. And added their fresh tomato salsa, made from tomatoes, red onions, jalapeños and freshly chopped cilantro.

We loaded up on guacamole and all of the sauces they had to offer, for dipping. It was amazing, by far one of the best impromptu quesadillas. Ever.

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Catherine Downes
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