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Chocoholics Beware: The Chocolate Conference & Festival Comes to Town this Saturday

I've called this emergency meeting of the Dallas Area Chocoholics Anonymous to prepare for the onslaught of chocolate temptation coming our way this Saturday at the Chocolate Conference & Festival.

We resolve to hold our ground and keep away from the Addison Conference Centre, where we're told there will be pounds upon pounds of devilish delights from the likes of Barry Callebaut USA, Valrhona, Taza Chocolate, Chocolates El Rey, Sublime Chocolate, Chocolate Secrets, Dude Sweet Chocolate, Wiseman House Chocolate, CocoAndré Chocolatier, Dr. Sue's Chocolate, Nib Chocolates, Toffee Treats, Elegantly Chocolate, Bark Chocolate, Oh Brownie, Pure Chocolate Desserts by Zach, The Dark Chocolate Bakery, Collin College, Cacao & Cardamom, Offenbacher Fudge, 1st Class Kids and Queen Bean Cocoa.

All harlots if you ask me!

The conference will feature classes, demonstrations, lessons and perhaps worst of all, tastings. Expect to see something called conching, whatever that is. Perhaps the most upsetting fact to come to light is that the funds raised from the event's admissions will provide for the perpetuation of this sickly sweet craft. The money will used to award scholarships to local culinary students and to support chocolate-related charities.

This year, more and more chocolatiers and chocolate makers alike will come from near and far to seduce us with the sweet, sweet perfume of cacao, vanilla, sugar -- and that's just the beginning. There's not much we can do except bite our tongues and lock ourselves in our houses until the madness subsides. But just in case any of you wants to confront the likes of featured chocolate makers Scott Moore Jr. of Tejas Chocolate in Houston, Art Pollard of Amano Artisan Chocolate in Utah, Colin Gasko of Rogue Chocolatier in Massachusetts or Ben Rasmussen of Potomac Chocolate in Virginia, here's where you can find their dirty, dirty faces.

Chocolate Conference & Festival Saturday, September 29, 2012 Addison Conference Centre 15650 Addison Road Tickets: $18 in advance ($5 for kids) or $20 at the door ($6 for kids) Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

These are dark times, people. We must stay strong or we risk being dipped, crushed, ground, molded or conched -- and led back into temptation.

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