City Council to Hear About Farmers Market Development Plan Tomorrow

Yesterday morning Eric Nicholson uncovered the plan for the redevelopment of the Dallas Farmers Market. The package will be presented to the City Council tomorrow, February 20, at 1 p.m.

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If you don't feel like reading through the 72-slide presentation Nicholson did a nice job of summing it up...

According the the plan, Shed 1 will be renovated to double the number of stalls for local farmers and "reoriented for pedestrian use," meaning no more cars. Meanwhile, Sheds 3 (dominated by produce wholesalers peddling non-local fruits and vegetables) and 4 (currently unused) will be demolished, replaced by a mixed-use development featuring 240 apartments and ground-level retail.

While it looks like the wholesale venders will be getting the boot, the package has very little detail about how local farmers will be supported and embraced in the new market infrastructure. Stall rental prices and other factors that determine the cost of operating at the market have a huge impact on whether or not local farmers will actually fill the 60 stalls planned for the renovated Shed 1, or continue to migrate to suburban markets. The shed is planned to reopen in April of next year.

Have anything to say about the redevelopment plan? The meeting is open to public.

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