City Council Votes On Farmers Market Initiative Tomorrow

Last week we told you about the City Council review of the plan for the redevelopment of the Dallas Farmers Market. Tanya Ragan, the president of the Farmers Market Stakeholder's Association views that presentation as a big success. According to Ragan support at the meeting was so robust some attendees had to sit in an overflow room.

Tomorrow the City Council will vote whether or not to move forward on the measure and Ragan isn't leaving anything to chance. She's asking stakeholders to come back to City Hall wearing red shirts to show support for the initiative.

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If the City Council approves the package a public hearing will follow to consider the authorization of land sale and related leases. That land will be utilized by private developers for parking, residential and other mixed uses.

In the project moves forward as planned the current local farmers that sell out of Shed 1 should be moved to a new pedestrian friendly facility in April of next year.

Meanwhile, smaller markets in the suburbs continue to gain momentum. The second iteration of the White Rock Local Market kicks off the season Saturday at Lakeside Baptist Church on Garland Road. The original White Rock Market will continue to operate on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month at The Green Spot on North Buckner Boulevard.

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