City of Ate Wins! Sriracha Chips Among Finalist for Lay's New Flavor.

Plano-based Frito-Lay has announced the winners of their Lay's Do Us A Flavors contest. Several months ago chip-eaters around the world were asked to submit their idea for a new flavor of chip.

The three winning flavors and their people were on Good Morning America this morning; A lady from Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin, suggested not butter, but cheesy garlic bread. She should have gone with butter. Cheesy garlic feels like it's been here before.

Christina Abu-Jubom of Phoenix threw chicken and waffles chips in the hat, maybe whilst sipping a chicken and waffles coffee.

But, I'm pushing all my chips to the center of the table for the last entry: Sriracha. Partially because there are already so many other spicy/sweet combination chips on the market, the bean counters know those will do well. Also, submitter Tyler Raineri got the idea from his grandmother, who used to make homemade potato chips and dip them in Sriracha sauce. Badass grandmothers are the best thing ever, so that's like good karma all over the place.

However, this is somewhat of a boondoggle and I smell a potential lawsuit. City of Ate suggested Srirachi in our own list of potential flavors. It was even in the P.S., which is always the most important (and legally binding) part of any document.

All three flavors will be available on supermarket shelves beginning next week, after which time you can vote for your favorite. The winner (Sriracha Grandma) wins $1 million or 1 percent of the chip's 2013 sales, whichever is more. The runners-up each get $50,000.

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