City of Ate's 100 Favorite Dishes: #96 Colorado Lamb Osso Bucco at Hibiscus

As a countdown to the Dallas Observer's "Best of Dallas" 2010, City of Ate is serving up 100 of the favorite dishes we crave, savor and hope to scarf down again soon. These dishes are in no particular order. Some are little known, others celebrated. Some are pricey, others can be eaten on the cheap, but all are delicious to the extreme. Don't hesitate to share your own nominations in the comments.

Pork gets all the glory, all the plaudits, at the expense of meats of equal or superior merit. Take lamb, for example: cute, cuddly and sweet. The Colorado lamb osso bucco at Hibiscus exhibits all those characteristics. If you're on a date, once you set your sights on the French-boned shank, the paramour across the table will see you transform into a thorny demon unworthy of affection. You'll want to embrace it, hold it high, grunt ecstatically, cuddle with it, whisper sweet nothings to it. And for good reason. Executive Chef Garreth Dickey's rendition of the Milanese dish supplants veal and should be the watermark against which all lamb and all osso bucco are measured. Alas, you'll have to share it with its platter-mates: a smooth polenta, thinned by rich jus; Lilliputian roasted carrots; and gremolata. The meat requires no knife. That's a good thing. Otherwise you might want to use it on your date. The kind of love Hibiscus' lamb elicits is not to be shared.

You can check out our previous favorite dishes after the jump.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.