City Tavern's Stuffed Jalepenos: This Ain't Your Drunk Father's Bar Snack

The City Tavern is quite direct. "These ain't poppers," the menu states of their stuffed jalapeños, arguing that chicken and spices added to the mix of typical cheese makes for an elevated bar snack. And they're right. The level of attention they're paying to a seemingly mundane deep-fried appetizer has me spending way too much time thinking about bar food.

Many chain restaurants offer a similar snack on their menu under a similar name, but most are serving a pre-fabricated frozen version of the snack. City Tavern makes theirs by hand, and they only cost $6.95 for five massive stuffed peppers (one was bigger than a chicken egg). The seeds and ribs are removed before stuffing, resulting in a bit that's certainly hot but not overpowering. Still, you'll probably want to bring a friend and share a plate.

In a sea of clubs that pour throbbing beats out onto the streets, fine dining and other polished offerings downtown, the City Tavern offers up exactly what its name invokes. A good place to drink a beer and, if you're hungry, indulge a really good bar snack.

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