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Cleon's Biggest Casualty: Your Social Life

Icepocalypse 2013 has put Dallas under a light layer of permafrost and, worse, complicated everybody's weekend plans. A lot of us were optimistic enough to think that our outdoor activities wouldn't be frozen out and some of us were clearly foolish for doing so. So we checked up on the events City of Ate blogged about this past week to see if they were still on. (SPOILER: Nope..

Trucks for Tots Brings Some of Dallas' Best Food Trucks to Park Lane on Saturday The food truck bonanza benefiting Toys for Tots has been pushed back to next Saturday. While the food trucks hibernate and the city thaws you have time to pick up toys to use as donations.

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Eat after the Dallas Marathon on Sunday, Assuming You Don't Freeze to Death The Dallas Marathon has sadly been canceled, according to their website and Twitter feed. While we were all looking forward to seeing people cross the finish line as nothing more than chilled husks of their former selves (I was personally planning to be one of those chilled husks), it was not meant to be. This is significant food news because if you want to have a gut-bombing brunch now you have no reason to not feel guilty about it.

The White Rock Local Market Will Meet All of Your Gift-Giving Needs This Weekend December will also be short one White Rock Local Market. Tomorrow's normally scheduled Lakeside Baptist Church market is canceled, and next week's will go on as planned at the Green Spot.

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