Clock, Theme Set for Fair

Now that things are looking more like spring, let's talk about next fall. Yes, even before summer, sunglasses and heat-waves, let's talk about deep-fried food, over-sized cowboy hats and the State Fair of Texas.

As if we needed a reason to discuss the month-long exaltation of everything Texas, the group announced the theme for the 2011 State Fair of Texas yesterday: 125 Years - A Timeless Tradition. Few gestures express timelessness like an announcement seven months prior to the opening.

In fairness, though, Big Tex and his sidekicks -- the people running the Fried Food Capital of Texas (their nickname, not ours) -- should get a tip-of-the-hat for justifiably getting geared up for next season after setting attendance records last fall.

If you need to know when to start stockpiling antacid tablets, the State Fair of Texas website has a ticker, counting down the time until the Fried Food Capital of Texas officially defends that name. It's still too early, though, for news on the Big Tex Choice Awards, the contest that brought us deep-fried novelties such as fried beer, Texas fried Frito pie and deep-fried butter. Last year's winner was announced on Labor Day -- sorry, fried food fanatics, looks like you're in for a wait.

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Jesse Sidlauskas
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