Lochland’s Weekend Holiday Will Make Up for Your Canceled Trip

The Weekend Holiday cocktail
The Weekend Holiday cocktail courtesy Lochland's
We're all a little on edge, perhaps rightfully so. Some are self-quarantining (if you think you were exposed and are doing so voluntarily, we all appreciate you), some are stocking up on toilet paper and bottled water, some are canceling trips ... so you'll undoubtedly need somewhere to escape since your long weekend trip got 86'd. Why not take in a Weekend Holiday at Lochland's, Lake Highlands' newest "scratch kitchen."

This cocktail is simple yet delightful. For a sort of mojito (with some added cucumbers and coconut water), they opted for dry rum. But what makes a rum dry? You may have heard some wines or sherries referred to as "dry," and it simply means it's less on the sweet side of the flavor spectrum. Since this simple cocktail has some other sweet elements, it stays interesting.

And, really, a $9 cocktail is a lot cheaper than a trip, no?

Weekend Holiday ($9): dry rum, coconut water, cucumber, lime, mint, simple syrup, Topo Chico

This cocktail is available during brunch.

Lochland's, 8518 Plano Road (Lake Highlands) 
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Susie Oszustowicz