Cocktails, Food Fears And Summer Camp For Smoke Freaks: This Week In Dallas' Food Blogs

Hello Dallas. Planning on having a boozy weekend? Craft cocktailery has descended en masse on our city, and Monday could be a little rough. Make sure to drink your Gatorade before imbibing with enthusiasm. And if you do catch a bad case of morning malaise you'd do well to head up to the Crossroads Diner. That schnitzel would make for a serious hangover cure. Let's wrap this week up so we can get to it.

This week I reviewed Carbone's, the new Highland Park red-sauce restaurant with which I'm smitten. I hope more restaurateurs take a look at the business Julian appears to be doing (it was busy across my six separate visits) and notices how starved Dallas is for great Italian American. And don't even get me started about that hoagie.

Elsewhere on City of Ate we prepared for the second coming of California. Trader Joe's opened today, and the way people talk about the place, Cowtown may never be the same again.

Have any food fears you'd like to conquer? Lauren looked deep within to try to understand her vile hatred of dill. I don't get it. It's green and delicious and when a chef uses it in excess in head cheese with lots of mustard the results are mind blowing. And if you don't like mayo, you really need to start reading a different blog.

Quaker Steak and Lube is coming. This after Toby Keith's bar and grill opened a few weeks ago. These places read like a failed food truck idea.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie is back from vacation with more broccoli. Yao Fuzi and Bob's Steakhouse in the Omni both received positive reviews from the paper.

Carol found some pretty tom kha soup in another teaser post for her 'burbalicious expose on Side Dish. And the guru of gas station tacos wrote up a positive review on Leo & Churro Taqueria at Lombardy and Webb Chapel that has my mouth watering. Has anyone been?

The Meaning of Pie went to summer camp -- BBQ camp specifically. Kelly's photo spread and detailed account of the Foodways Texas sponsored event has me wishing I'd taken the chance to go. Next year. I'm on this.

And next week I'll be right back here. Enjoy your weekend Aters.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.