It's Pie Time You Try Cane Rosso's London Spritz

A spritz with a side of pizza
A spritz with a side of pizza Susie Oszustowicz
Cane Rosso makes a great pizza pie; they even made true Neapolitan pizzas in Dallas before it was cool. For thick-crust pizza lovers, their pizza may seem flat because, well, it is (structurally). But their cocktails don't fall flat.

A sudden pizza craving last evening sent me into panic mode. Questions such as, "Where do I order?" and "What kind of crust do I want?" swirled in my head, but then I slowed down and remembered a delightful cocktail I'd had at Cane Rosso on my last visit, the London Spritz.

Since it was 86 degrees when I was choosing where to order, a spritz was something that needed to happen.

Canne Rosso’s London Spritz is simple and refreshing — a great cocktail with Fords Gin, grapefruit bitters, sparkling wine and citrus — nothing too crazy, but it couldn't be a more perfect fit for this weather.

Their to-go game is also on point. Staff seals a cup with a sticker stating that it's from Cane Rosso and the cocktail inside, then it's stuffed in a bag and zip tied ... just as nature and Gov. Greg Abbott intended.

London Spritz ($10): Fords Gin, grapefruit bitters, prosecco, citrus

Cane Rosso, multiple locations.This cocktail is available for dine-in and to-go orders.
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Susie Oszustowicz