A ceviche from C'viche.
A ceviche from C'viche.
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Coming Soon to Greenville Avenue: C'viche, a Sea of Seafood and Booze

Randall Warder's second restaurant on Greenville Avenue will officially open its doors February 10, he said this week. C'viche, which will serve ceviche, lands on the heels of Clark Food and Wine, which Warder opened late last year next door. Clark offers a variety of smoked meats, sides and appetizers while C'viche will specialize in booze and pickled seafood.

I've spent a lot of time at Palapas, a similar spot just down the street. If there's a breeze blowing and you've got a ceviche in front of you and a cold beer in your hand, it's pretty easy to get sucked into some sort of beach-vacation daydream. C'viche will even feature the shrimp aquachiles featured at Palapas.

The similarities stop there. C'viche will primarily serve a menu of fish cooked in lime juice, crudos and other seafood. For those who don't dig fish there are a few tacos and quesadillas available, but C'viche will deal primarily in sea creatures. The restaurant will also straddle Asian, Mexican, South American and Island flavors with a choose-your-own-adventure menu: I'll have the scallops Baja-style and a shot of tequila, please.

The worldly approach will be echoed in their booze program, which judges no spirit. Expect tequila, rum, pisco and cachaca cocktails in which you can pickle yourself just like the fish.

C'viche, 1922 Greenville Ave., cvicheandtequila.com

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