West Dallas is about to get a specialty meat market.
West Dallas is about to get a specialty meat market.

West Dallas/Oak Cliff Is About to Get a Meat Market

Sylvan Thirty, the mixed-use development straddling the boundary between West Dallas and Oak Cliff, is about to get a new tenant: Cooper’s Meat Market, a longtime San Antonio-based butcher shop and meat market.

The market, which will along with meat will sell "appetizers, sides, casseroles, wine and beer, as well as popular YETI coolers and Game Guard gear," is slated to open this fall in the 3,100-square-foot space adjacent to Cox Farms Market, according to a press release from Sylvan Thirty. This could be a good fit for the development some have dubbed "Little Austin" — Cox Farms is produce-focused and only sells a few cuts of frozen meat.

The market's space will be "rustic yet contemporary" with an "interactive experience where shoppers can work with a butcher to customize their cuts," according to the release. The market will also offer catering and deliver to Uptown, Highland Park, University Park and Lakewood.

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