Cork Offers Wine Course Tonight

And when you told me your merlot need more grapes / I said, 'Honey, you never had wine before' / And if you did, that's not how you act at all / And no, that's not how we rock in Theodore. --Ghostface Killah, "Tooken Back"

If only Ghostface lived in Dallas. That way, his honey could attend the 7 p.m. Wine 101 course at Cork in the West Village tonight.

Actually, tonight's course will cover Sauvignon Blanc, so her ignorance about Merlot may persist. But learning about Sauvignon Blanc's region-specific components and suggested food pairings would be as good a start as any for such a green oenophile. Or any wine lover, for that matter.

Cost is $20. Light appetizers are included. E-mail Stephanie Nelson or call 214-780-0373 for reservations.


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