Could the Bottled Cocktail Trend Return to Dallas This Summer? I Hope So.

Last week, Lauren wrote a blog post covering Jason Kosmas' decision to keg cocktails for Twisted Root, a move that seemed counter to the popular bartender's mission of craft cocktail making. This week Details Magazine points to the same trend on a smaller scale: cocktail bars around the country are mixing up vodka sodas, dumping the mixture into a bottle and sealing them with a cap.

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Surely, this is an affront to the craft of cocktail making. I imagined a line of Moscow Mules, complete with high fructose corn syrup, filling the shelves of gas stations everywhere. I called up Kosmas to voice my disdain, but also to see how far off this trend was from making its way to Dallas.

"Michael Martensen at Cedars Social was doing Americanos in a bottle," Kosmas said. Two summers ago, amidst the most hellish, record-breaking summer of all time, Martensen bottled up a fizzy mixture of Campari, sweet vermouth and club soda. Kosmas says he drank them three at a time, and suddenly my skepticism for bottled cocktails began to wane. Summer is not that far away, you know?

Kosmas says he has bevn asked to bottle cocktails as an offshoot of his 86 Company, which features his own Vodka and other cocktail ingredients. For now though, he's holding off on single-serving bottled mixology and focusing on his grenadine. He admits there's a balance between teaching new bartenders the art of the cocktail and handing them a bottle they can simply pop open and pour for a guest. Push things too far and ... Well, you remember T.G.I.Friday's line of bottled mudslides.

Want to get into bottling booze on your own? Check out this video, which will almost certainly convince you boozy soda is way too much work.

Hey Mikey! Any chance for for more Americanos this summer?

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