Craft's Jeff Harris Goes Deep in the Heart of Texas with a Bone-in Rib Eye

Craft Dallas executive chef Jeff Harris demonstrates how to prepare a tender bone-in rib eye, which we think would go well with some of the previous chef-created recipes from this series. Perhaps you could open with Bruno Davaillon's watermelon salad or J. Chastain's watermelon crab gazpacho and serve with a side of Dan Landsberg's braised green beans. For more on our time with Harris, go here.

Dry-aged Rib Eye with Garlic Confit

The Steak

1 2-inch thick, bone-in dry aged rib eye Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 4 tbsp of peanut oil 3 tbsp of unsalted butter 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary 2 sprigs of fresh thyme

Step 1. Preheat the oil in a large heavy bottom pan over medium high heat. Season the steak with salt and pepper.

Step 2. Add the steak to the pan and sear on both sides until nicely browned. Turn the heat down to medium. Add the butter and herbs to the pan.

Step 3. Rub a clove of the garlic confit (recipe below) on top of the steak. Baste the steaks with the butter and continue cooking until medium rare or desired doneness.

Step 4. Transfer the steak to a platter and allow to rest for around 10 minutes. Carve the steak and top with sauce of your choice; Harris suggests a Bordelaise. Plate.

Garlic Confit 10 whole garlic cloves 2 cups of extra virgin olive oil

Simmer for about 2 hours on low heat.

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