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Crave DFW Founder Steven Doyle Is in Jail on Drug Charges

Crave DFW, the popular restaurant-news site, has been unusually quiet this week, and now we know why: Steven Doyle, the site's founder, was arrested this week in Farmers Branch on outstanding warrants and drug charges. He's currently being held on multiple bonds.

According to the arrest report, Doyle was pulled over on Damascus Way at 2:26 a.m. Monday when officer Robert Young observed a beige Toyota traveling with a bum right headlight. Doyle didn't produce a license, but he did give his name, and that was enough to determine that he had outstanding arrest warrants both here in Dallas and Kansas.

Things got worse when the officer noticed Doyle making "furtive movements" with his right hand as he sat in the car. After Doyle was taken into custody, Young discovered a clear baggie with a "white powdery substance" in the car's center console. Doyle was charged with possession of a controlled substance and taken to Farmers Branch Jail. The powder tested positive for cocaine -- only 0.2 grams worth.

Doyle got his start in the media world as Dallas Dude, a substantive commenter on a popular message board called Chowhound that draws food savvy users. He went on to start a freelance career for a number of local publications, including the Eats Blog at The Dallas Morning News and the Observer. Both of those gigs were relatively short-lived, and Doyle eventually broke out on his own, starting Crave, an independent website devoted to quick-hitting and behind-the-scenes restaurant news and gossip.

If wasn't already obvious that monetizing web content is difficult, Doyle listed his monthly income and assets both at zero in court records, and elected to use a court-appointed attorney to defend him against this week's charges. And he's still got those DWI warrants to deal with.

Attempts to reach someone at Crave for comment were unsuccessful, and court records don't yet list an attorney for Doyle.

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