Creme de la Cookies offers the Unicorn Freak, a "freakshake" topped with a macaron skewer and cotton candy-sprinkle rim.
Creme de la Cookies offers the Unicorn Freak, a "freakshake" topped with a macaron skewer and cotton candy-sprinkle rim.
courtesy Creme de la Cookies

Freakshakes: Creme de la Cookie Capitalizes on the Monster Milkshake Trend

Toni Rivard attributes a lot of her success as a baker to her "glass half full" attitude. Now, eight years after founding Creme de la Cookie, she's debuting an over-the-top milkshake menu that will fill a lot more than half your glass. Her "freakshakes" were inspired by a recent visit to New York, where she saw the line of epic shake-seekers spilling out of Black Tap Burgers & Beer.

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What sets Rivard's shakes apart from others are made-from-scratch ingredients like OMC Chocolate Chip Cookies, Screamin' O's (ganache-dipped brownies) and housemade fudge sauce. For $12, you can take your pick of five variations, such as the Stress Eater (including a red velvet cake ball, waffle cone and Mustang glazed doughnut) and the Unicorn Freak (with a macaron skewer and a cotton candy-sprinkle rim). If you can make your way through all the goodies, you'll find a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream at the bottom of the Mason jar mug.

You can only get these delicious monstrosities from noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, but the bakery might extend availability as the menu and (and line of customers) expand. It's not hard to imagine this could happen as word gets out about these and other new menu items.

Even if you have to brave a crowd, the Crowdpleaser Ice Cream Explosion Bowl — a $25, six-person job loaded with vanilla and chocolate Blue Bell ice cream, chocolate, fudge and caramel sauce, OMG Cookies, ultimate fudge brownies, red velvet cake balls, Screamin' O’s, whipped cream and amarena cherries — is sure to be worth the wait.

Creme de la Cookie, 6706 Snider Plaza

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