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Crisp Salad Company Will Bring Some Greens to Greenville Avenue Next Month

Good news for those of you who like quick bites and meeting your daily recommended allotment of vegetables. Crisp Salad Company has announced that it will open its Lower Greenville location on December 4, giving Dallasites another place to score roughage on the go.

Crisp Salad Company is a build-your-own-salad and wrap restaurant, boasting house-made dressings like avocado tzatziki or truffle dressing. "Our epicurean offerings go far beyond the typical salad, including unique dressings made daily by our crew inside the restaurant," Blaine Duhe, owner and manager, said in a press release.

Be prepared for traditional salad offerings along with curry and Thai twists. According to the adverb-happy press release, "all salads are expertly chopped and deliciously served in front of you so you know you're living a healthy lifestyle with the nourishment of only the best ingredients."

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Luke Darby
Contact: Luke Darby