Crossroads Winery Sunfusion: A Cool Local Wine for Texas Summer

Tucked discreetly into a nondescript industrial park in the middle of nowhere is one of the best-kept winery secrets in Dallas. Bob and Darlene Leiker run Crossroads Winery, and the largest room in the warehouse space houses casks, tables, tasting bar and the occasional forklift. John Otis is the winemaker, and he specializes in reds, but has crafted a delightful white blend that fits the hot summer weather like a glove. After attending a weekend tasting last month, I was eager to find out whether CrossRoads delightful Sunfusion wine would pair with something else besides the obligatory tasting crackers.

Sunfusion melds chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and muscat canelli into a fruitful concoction that is at once buttery (courtesy the chard), dry (thanks to the sauvignon blanc) and yet with a slightly sweet finish (via the canelli), so it projects to be a very versatile white, useful with a number of foods. Pouring the tasting sample, you can see that the color is a vibrant mix of goldenrod and straw. Inhaling, you may be surprised at the touch of metallic dust on the nose, along with vanilla and traces of honey. With each sip, you should discover new flavors: Definitely butter, lemon and citrus, more vanilla, and sweet spice, with a tang of lime on the finish. Because of the sweetness, I paired Sunfusion with a spicy Philly cheesesteak salad and mango habanero ceviche, and the wine really brought the spices up, yet was nicely cooling.

CrossRoads Wines are available at some nearby restaurants and small retail outlets, as well as the winery itself. Every Friday night, the joint is rockin' to live music from 5-11 p.m., and tasting room hours are Saturdays and Sundays 1-6 p.m..

Crossroads Winery 15222 King Road #301, Frisco, Located one mile west of FM 423 972-294-4144

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.