Dallas Based El Chico To Be Featured In Smithsonian's Resetting America's Table

The Smithsonian's American History Museum will feature Dallas-based El Chico as part of a look at how new immigrants have shaped the American food culture. The new exhibit, dubbed Resetting the Table will explore how social and cultural movements affected what's on the table in America.

The El Chico story began with a mother's homemade tamales at a small county fair before her five sons opened up a cafe featuring her recipes. Now the Consolidated Restaurant Operations Inc. owns 57 El Chico locations in addition to 59 other restaurants including Cantina Laredo, Lucky's Cafe, III Forks and more.

Think the Tex-Mex chain is a good representation of the Mexican culture's influence on the American table? El Chico will be the only Mexican brand featured in the new exhibit.


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