Dallas-Based MOOYAH Burgers Announces 20-Unit Expansion This Year

Dallas-based MOOYAH has announced an aggressive plan to open another 20 locations this year, increasing the total number of fast-casual burger spots to about 50. Specific locations aren't set, but Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Virginia are "ripe for expansion."

Founded just five years ago, MOOYAH has quickly garnered a loyal local following for their never-frozen American beef patties, usually two, stuffed in a house-baked bun and served with fresh-cut Idaho potato French fries. In a previous article, Scott Reitz was smitten with the latter and, in terms of fast-casual joints, he found their ingredients fresher than most.

Of the chain's current 30 locations, most are in Texas.

In preparation for the expansion MOOYAH corporate has focused on "only what's truly important to our brand," including scrutinizing everything from food distributor relationships and menu items, all discovered through consumer research. They've also updated the interior of their stores with more televisions, different music, as well as booth, stool and communal seating options.

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