Dallas-based Mooyah Is Taking its Burgers (and Those Perfect Fries) to the Middle East

After opening 50 stores in 11 states, Mooyah, the Dallas-based burger chain, has gone overseas, and not where you might expect: It opened its first restaurant in Dubai earlier this month, and is expanding its culinary reach to Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar all by the end of 2013

Mooyah has signed a multi-unit development agreement with MENAFEX, their international development partner, who will guide them through all the subtle differences between opening a store in, say, Lawton, Oklahoma, versus Bahrain. Surely teaching the company's touted six-step, 24-hour process for its fries translates easily anywhere.

About a year ago, the Dallas Morning News readers crowned Mooyah as Dallas' second favorite burger. Scott Reitz took that to task, and concluded that while Mooyah had nice buns and the beef was fine, the fries are where it's at.

In the meantime, if you're just dying for a cheeseburger and fries like back at home while traveling abroad, make it to Dubai and you're golden.

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