Dallas' Best Food Needs You: A Plea For Ater Input

Earlier this month we teased the launch of our big ol' issue: Best of Dallas. Since the Rapture is rapidly approaching, we wanted your feedback on how to improve our Readers Picks' categories. We asked which food nerd categories you liked, and which needed to be thrown to the curb.

Turns out, you really weren't into some of the old categories. And some of you had some bad-ass suggestions for brand-spanking new categories.

So, being lazy asses, we're asking you for more help.

Below are some of our Readers' Pick categories, with the ones you obviously loathe crossed out. Do you like the remaining ones? Are you interested in knowing what your fellow Dallasite thinks in these categories? Or are there categories we're still missing?

Let us know in the comments, and look for the poll next month at dallasobsrever.com.


Best Appetizer

Best Breakfast

Best Cup of Coffee

Best Fancy Restaurant

Best Bagel

Best Sushi

Best Salsa

Best Pizza

Best Greek Restaurant

Best Wine List

Best Soup

Best Hamburger

Best Martini

Best New Restaurant

Best Late-Night Restaurant

Best Greasy Spoon

Best Seafood Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurant

Best Margarita

Best Fried Chicken

Best Barbecue

If you wanna see every year's best of on a nice little iPhone: we have a fancy pants "Best Of" App for you.

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