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Dallas' Best Patios for Dining

Last week we offered up the best patios and rooftops for drinking, and no doubt your weekend was spent jet-packing your way down the list, sweaty Lone Star in hand. Life isn't always about only drunken excess, though, and sometimes you want a nice meal whilst your dermis bathes in a cooling spring breeze.

Hit up these Dallas patios if you want to eat outside and expect to eat well.

Lark (Pictured above) If you're anywhere near downtown, the patio at Lark on the Park combined with the plates coming out of the kitchen make this restaurant one of the best outdoor dining options available. Bonus points for spring vegetable respect. The chefs in the kitchen have California sensibilities.


Toulouse As French restaurants go, this Knox-Henderson spot is a gem. Expect a reliable and well-executed menu of French classics and a patio that lets you watch traffic go by on Knox, and pedestrians and bikers go by on the Katy Trail. Braised lamb and red wine anyone? Enjoy the heavier dishes before the weather gets hot.

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Bolsa Bolsa has become an Oak Cliff mainstay for many reasons. The farm-to-table focus is nice, as is a forward-thinking cocktail program and that twig-and-branch pizza, but it's the covered patio that makes this restaurant the right choice when the weather is solid.

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