Dallas' Best Pizza Sure Does Photograph Well

Just before Halloween, food critic did something terrible. He posted about delicious Dallas pizza. Jerk. Ever since his post, we've been experiencing wake-suddenly-at-night dreams of crusty, bubbly cheese over crunchy crust. Cheese nightmares, you could call them. Cheese-mares.

Anyway, we figured the only thing that could stop the nightmares would be to confront them head on: get a bunch of pornographic photos of Dallas' best pizza. So, we sent contributing, resident-bad-ass photographer Sara Kerens to Eno's, Fireside Pies, Cane Rosso, Serious Pizza and Olivella's. And, boy, did she come back with good stuff.

Check out the slide show, and below find some b-sides from her glorious mani-pizza-fest destiny.

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