Expect revamped food, beer and wine menus at Windmill Lounge as new owners take over.EXPAND
Expect revamped food, beer and wine menus at Windmill Lounge as new owners take over.
Courtesy of Windmill Lounge

Windmill Lounge Sold to New Owners; "Big Changes" in Store

A Dallas craft cocktail mainstay has a new owner, announced today via press release. Windmill Lounge owner Louise Owens has sold the 11-year-old Maple Avenue bar to Lisa and Tom Georgalis and the Triada Hospitality Group, which also owns Ivy Tavern. While the press release notes that "big changes are in the works," the new owners say they plan to keep Windmill's core tenets intact.

Rather than fully re-concepting the bar, the new owners want to embrace everything that’s already great about the Windmill Lounge. So the current hours will remain, as will the focus on classic and craft cocktails, music and the casual come-as-you-are attitude.

From there, updates will include an all-new menu to be introduced within 30-60 days. It will feature chef-driven pizzas along with classic and gourmet choices, each with dough made fresh daily. A wings menu will consist of flavors unique to the Windmill, and for those desiring a lighter meal, there will be a selection of fresh and flavorful salads. To wash it all down, cocktails will be joined by a revamped beer and wine program, ensuring that customers have plenty to choose from.

In a short email statement, Owens said it's been difficult to man the bar on her own since sustaining serious wrist injuries a few months ago.

"After shattering my wrist in a car wreck shortly before Christmas, it became very apparent that trying to run the Windmill as a one-person show was not going to work anymore and I'm delighted to join with Tom and Lisa so that I can be a creative person and not there mopping floors and changing light bulbs," Owens says.

There will be minor cosmetic changes to the interior and exterior, but "the most noticeable aesthetic improvement will be the updated patio, with a goal to make the outdoor space more customer friendly and accessible," along with the addition of internet access, according to the release. Happy hour will run from 4 to 9 p.m.

Windmill Lounge, 5320 Maple Ave.

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