Dallas' Female Bartenders Will Compete in Speed Rack, Another Boob-Themed Cancer Fundraiser

There is no shortage of boob-themed messaging when it comes to breast cancer research. After all, boobs are fun, right? Right. Cancer, though, is not. As we mentioned earlier this year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, sexualizing a hideous disease isn't exactly the best way to raise funds, but there is still much work to be done -- and money to be raised -- in the battle against breast cancer.

Which is why we're not too upset to learn that Speed Rack, a speed bartending contest that pits the city's top female bartenders against each other in a test of drink-slinging skills, will be coming to Dallas in 2015. Speed Rack originated in 2011, when two female bartenders set out to showcase the work of female bartenders across the country. The organization has since raised over $250,000 for breast cancer charities.

The January 15 event at Life In Deep Ellum Cultural Center will mark Speed Rack's first stop in Dallas, after successful competitions in cities like New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. In the competitions, bartenders are tested in timed heats on how consistently and quickly they are able to crank out industry-standard cocktails.

This year's competition looks to be pretty fierce, with representatives from some of Dallas' best bars including Midnight Rambler, The Rustic and Whiskey Cake. Joining the hometown girls will be contestants from New Orleans and Charleston, South Carolina, two cities that aren't home to a Speed Rack competition.

Two Dallasites will be on the Speed Rack judging panel -- FT33's Matt McCallister will evaluate cocktails along with Chad Solomon of Midnight Rambler and guest judges from Houston and Austin. Whoever wins the title Miss Speed Rack Dallas (groan) will receive a $500 travel honorarium to cover the trip to New York City for this year's national finals, along with other unnamed prizes. Hopefully booze.

There's no denying that Dallas' female bartenders are swept under the rug when we talk about the strides that the bar scene has made in the past few years, so it's nice to see these hard-working, behind-the-scenes women get a little time to shine. If only that could happen without the tiresome boob tropes. *end feminist lecture*

If you're interested in watching these talented bartenders showcase their skills and helping to raise a little cash at Speed Rack on January 14, you can buy your tickets for $20 in advance via EventBrite. Ticket purchase includes cocktails from the event's sponsors, and there's some pretty good booze on that list. Food trucks and other vendors will be on hand for carbs to soak up all of that sauce, and funds from ticket sales will go toward breast cancer research, education and prevention. There are certainly worse things you could do with that $20 floating around in your jeans pocket.

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