Dallas' Five Best Beer Bars

Beer: It's why we were created. Our parents made us after having too much beer, and they nurtured us so that we could one day grow to love beer as well.

And it's a great time to be a beer drinker in Dallas. While local craft breweries continue to flourish, the places that serve their brews are increasing as well. Beer bars are offering wide selections that rotate regularly and keep your beer palate engaged. You'll never get bored with beer now. (Not that you ever were in danger of such a thing.)

Here are the best beer bars in Dallas. Before you dive in, let your boss know you'll be knocking off early today, and invite him along if you can stomach it. Beer is how promotions are born, too.

Goodfriend (pictured above) If you have any doubt as to Goodfriend's status as a premier Dallas beer bar, look to the first birthday party they recently had with Lakewood Brewing Company. Despite stifling heat, hundreds of beer nerds came out to swill everything from light summer pilsners to heavy double IPAs aged in oak.

If you missed that party, don't worry: Special events are commonplace here. In the meantime, drink till you're hungry, and then pound a burger to pad your stomach before you get back to drinking. There are plenty of taps to explore here.

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Craft and Growler Just look at those shiny guns. You could mainline beer here. Craft and Growler's unique dispensing system grants you access to 30 brews, and the fact that they fill up to-go buckets for for customers on the run means they cycle through their inventory fast. The high turnover leads to a quickly rotating list of beers and also guarantees ridiculously fresh suds.

You also get a space that's filled with serious beer nerds. If you're the type to geek out on IBUs and ABVs, you'll likely meet your new best friend here. Maybe, if you're lucky, he or she will take a shine to you and you can get started on the next generation of beer drinkers.

The Common Table If you're in Uptown and you need a fix, The Common Table sports a respectable offering on the taps. Follow their Facebook page to see what they've tapped today. They're always offering new beers, often with a visit from the brewers responsible for the keg. And when the weather is nice, they have one of the nicest decks in Uptown. Bask in the warm sun and sip on a chilly Community Lager. Wait, what do you do for a living again?

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The Meddlesome Moth The second you walk into The Meddlesome Moth you know you've stepped into a beer bar of the highest order. Nondescript black tap handles run the length of the bar, offering an endless array of craft beer from local and national brewers. That's not even counting the bottle list, which runs pages and describes the reach-in coolers behind the bar that are absolutely busting with obscure beers. If you've been craving something that's hard to find, the Moth may be your best chance of salvation. And the patio outside is the perfect spot to find a little beer zen.

Strangeways Strangeways is a bar with a little bit of an edge. It brings some grit to the beer scene and attracts a cast of characters that you won't find in any other beer bar in Dallas. There's always a scooter or seven parked out front, and tattooed skin usually outnumbers virgin flesh.

The beer selection is first-rate too. Come and sip a Velvet Hammer and see if you don't agree. You do agree, right? If not, just have another Velvet Hammer. Keep drinking until you revel in the fact that the beer scene in Dallas is actually pretty great. And don't worry about that paperwork you forgot to file before leaving the office. That was five beer bars ago and after a bender like this, you've likely been fired anyway.

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