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Dallas' Five Best Chinese Restaurants

I am not a Jewish person, but I like Jewish things. Latkes top my list. As does getting drunk. Gefilte fish doesn't excite me very much, but Christmas does, which isn't Jewish at all, but you know the drill: movies, Chinese food, drunk. I'm good at these things.

These are City of Ate's five favorites including our recent Best of Dallas winner for Best Chinese Restaurant. For the record, I've eaten at none of these restaurants (though I'm kind of fantasizing about Christmas Day five-way binge). The list was lovingly curated by the Dallas Observer staff and all of Dallas -- a few are readers picks. Get more of Dallas' best with our Best Of app, available for the Droid and the iPhone.

Royal China, pictured above Xiao long bao dumplings are like little tiny presents that explode in your mouth. And hand pulled noodles beat those prepared versions that often end up in a clump like a tennis ball in the bottom of your bowl. You guys liked Royal China too, awarding the Preston Royal spat a Readers Choice award this year. I'm starting my binge here.


Howard Wang's China Grill Howard Wang's, on Northwest Highway at Midway Road, boasts a clean modern space not unlike Royal China. (It opened in 2005.) The restaurant was successful enough to warrant a second, fancier location in Uptown.


Maxim's Dim sum people -- cart after cart after cart after cart of greasy delicious food, one small bite at a time. In 2007 we ordained Maxim's the best place to eat till you explode. The end of the world is coming, haven't you heard? You might as well go out with a bang.


Caravelle Chinese and Vietnamese Perfect for when you have a large group of picky eaters or you want pho to go with your sesame chicken. Caravelle is also located in a strip mall with 700 other Asian restaurants and a grocery store. Pick up some fresh lychees for the ride home.


First Chinese They may not have really been first, but they'll stake the claim anyway. Serving up the juiciest slabs of roast pork, fattiest slices of duck and tastiest Cantonese comfort food locally for 23 years earned First Chinese Observer's Best this year.

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