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Dallas' Food Trucks Feel Right At Home in Their Spot in the Arts District

Two weeks ago we told you how the Arts District Food Truck scene was moving again, this time to the plaza outside the Winspear Opera House. Today I dropped in to see how the trucks are settling into their new location. Five trucks were parked under a cloudy May sky, catering to office workers in the area with sliders, tacos, banh mi sandwiches and more.

The trucks have been shuffled around a lot since first arriving at the Arts District, but everyone I talked to, from customers to the owners and employees working the mobile meal-makers, says that the newest location is by far the best. Tables are set up in two large pockets, one close to Flora Street, the other closer to the Opera House, and a couple of ping pong tables were wheeled out for those who really didn't want to go back to work.

Parking still stinks, but maybe that's OK. Everyone I asked said they had walked to the plaza, some from One Arts, just up Flora, and many from nearby downtown. If the weather is nice it makes for a compelling lunch break: walk a few blocks to get access to a variety of food, eat at a decent outdoor table, play some ping pong and walk back, hoping that the few hundred yards you've covered burned off at least the tortilla from your carnitas taco.

According to the usage agreement between the Arts District and the City of Dallas, this new home should be permanent, and I hope it is. But if we've learned one thing it's that food trucks are mobile for a reason. Hopefully they'll get to enjoy the new digs for at least a little while.

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