Dallas Has Another New Farmers Market, and It's Got Promise

It might be hard to envision it today, but eventually cooler weather will descend upon the DFW area. When it does, local farmers markets will start to offer cool-season crops. This makes it good timing for the start of the new Vickery Meadow Local Market, which will have its inaugural market Sunday, September 21, outside Half Price Books on Northwest Highway.

There have been a number of smaller markets that have opened in the Dallas area recently, most notably the Little D Farmers Market, which opened in Trinity Groves back in June. Little D was one of the first markets in Dallas to open on Sunday, but it's relatively small compared to other markets, including the Dallas Farmers Market downtown.

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The Vickery Meadow market stands a good chance of eclipsing the other local Sunday markets, if only because it's paired up with the White Rock Local Market's Sarah Perry, who has been working with farmers markets in Dallas for years now. And because the Vickery Meadow market is getting a late start on the season, it will be allowed to operate every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. until it closes for the year on December 14.

Look for Vickery Meadow Local Market at the northwest corner of the Half Price Books parking lot on Northwest Highway, and expect arts and crafts in addition to all those great fall fruits and vegetables. With any luck, bright orange pumpkins will begin to appear soon and when they do, this triple-digit heat will have signed off till next year.

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